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I·AM Nationality


Nationalization or nationalizing is simply the process One takes to declare a nationality or to change One's nationality.  A reason to nationalize is that as a national, One is saying One belongs to a nation of people as opposed to being the property of another nation or group of people acting as a nation.  Another reason is that One finds the laws or rules of a particular nation or "acting" nation, which they are a part of or subject to, are rules or laws that are not in alignment with One's personal beliefs and philosophies.


The United Nations protects and guarantees the rights of One to have and to change One's nationality.

I·AM [Indigenous Aboriginal Man] Nationality is open to all indigenous individuals and groups who intend to belong to an indigenous nation.  We are a nation of indigenous people who honor, respect, and love Self that manifests as honoring, respecting, and loving Creation.  

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