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I·AM Education

The I.C.U.

One thought that may come to mind when you see I.C.U. as it relates to health and healing is the Intensive Care Unit.  Another thought that may come to mind when you hear I.C.U. [I see you] is spiritual discernment and insight, in which the flesh and blood does not reveal.

With our attention of seeing God in everyone and everything and our intention of intensive holistic healing and assisting with you fulfilling your purpose, we present to you the I.C.U., Indigenous Cultural University.

The I.C.U.

The I.C.U. is a place where one may come to Remember who and what is God, who and what is Hue-Man, and what is the nature of the Universe [Creation], while bringing this awareness into all areas of your everyday lives.


The Return

All Classes, Workshops, Services, and Certifications are sanctioned, certified, and verified Souly by the Creator of All as adopted by the Rights of Indigenous People...  The Return of the Ancient Ones!!!

Services Offered

• H.E.A.R.T. Touch Therapy

• Chakra Balance and Aura Clearing

• Health Consultations

• Intuitive Healing

• Womens Health (By Women)

• Metu Neter Oracle Readings

• Spiritual Counseling

Classes & Workshops

• Emotional Wellness Workshop

• Herbs and Tantra, An Experience In O.N.E.ness

• Jewelry Making 101

• Meditation Development

• The Art of Reprogramming

• The Kemetic Tree of Life

Our Trimesters

Our Spring Trimester runs from the Spring Equinox to the Summer Solstice

Our Fall Trimester runs from the Fall Equinox to Winter Solstice.


• H.E.A.R.T. Touch Therapist

• Wholistic Herbalist

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