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I·AM Health

The Collective Health Initiative

The Collective Health Initiative better known as the C.H.I. is a collective of indigenous holistic health practitioners organized as your Wholistic HMO and serves as the health ministry of the Indigenous Aboriginal Man In Trust [I·AM·IT] Nation. Our purpose is to assist individuals with innerstanding the cause of any dis-ease they may be experiencing. We provide tips, tools, and suggestions on how to reverse and eradicate dis-ease by sharing physical and metaphysical healing tools that will assist our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies with harmony, balance, and ease.


We offer private sessions and consultations as well as group lectures and workshops.


We realize that our society has been indoctrinated with the mindset of quick fixes, fads, microwave results, etc. Therefore, we want to emphasize that all of our tools and services are catered towards those individuals who are earnestly looking to make lifestyle changes. These individuals understand that whatever state or condition they find themselves in is a result of a particular lifestyle over a period of time.


In order to manifest a different state of being, One must implement and maintain different lifestyle changes.

Your Wholistic HMO

All C.H.I. practitioners do not take the "Hypocritic Oath".

We practice what we preach by the lifestyle we maintain.

Master Ashep

Kemetic Metaphysical Warrior Priest

Founder of Sons of Light Healing, Master Ashep has over 20 years of experience in the areas of spiritual awareness through personal mastery, spiritual sciences, and esoteric studies. He is dedicated and committed to assisting those who are on the direct or vertical path to self-realization.

Docta Yew

Certified Holistic Health

Consultant & Herbalist

Docta Yew is the founder of Yew 360 Wholistic Health and Wellness, LLC, which offers all-natural and wholistic wellness services & products [wholistic meaning supportive of the body, mind, spirit, and environment] and a variety of interactive and informative workshops, both locally and abroad. 

Khetnu Nefer

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist & Women's Health Coach

Khetnu, founder of A Soulful Touch Wellness, LLC is a passionate holistic health practitioner focused on women's health, hormones & fertility. Khetnu uses various modalities like therapeutic massage, Egyptian Yoga and herbs to help you feel great, take care of your body, and actually enjoy the life you deserve.

Mama Elaine

Wellness and Live Food Enthusiast

Mama Elaine is the Community Health and Environment Chair for the Town of Capitol Heights, MD, a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor, Toastmaster, Wellness and live food enthusiast, Sisterlocks Trainee, Decendent of Washington Clan,  endorser of Kangen water and love her photographic, driving, modeling, mothering family.

Sista Clarice

Natural Body Product

Consultant and Educator

Clarice Manning is the founder and creator of Rooted N Nature Body Care Products, which provides handmade products consisting of herbs, essential oils, butters and other natural ingredients manufactured by mother nature herself that will nourish, strengthen, repair and sooth the entire body and it’s senses.

Danni McGhee

Plant-Based Nutrition

Coach & Chef

Danni A. McGhee, founder of DAM Good Vegan, is a Plant-Based Nutrition Coach specializing in educating individuals looking to improve their health and wellness. She provides guidance on the principles of plant-based nutrition while introducing fun and easy ways to incorporate healthier options into their already busy lifestyle.

Our Services

We offer an array of services and products to assist you in your journey to improved health & wellness.

We are here to help you heal with holistic and natural practices.


We also host events like free clinics, wellness workshops, online classes and more!

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