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I·AM Resources

Indigenous Millennials

Who are we:  We are an Indigenous comunity of healers

Our Mission:  to Heal, Love, Create, and Manifest

Our Goal:  to share Healing through the vibration of Love

Our Members

One of a Kind who are Aligned with the Divine

Master Ashep

Kemetic Metaphysical Warrior Priest

Master Ashep is the founder of Sons of Light Healing and has over 20 years of experience in the areas of spiritual awareness through personal mastery, spiritual sciences, and esoteric studies. He is dedicated and committed to assisting those who are on the direct or vertical path to self-realization.  


Services and Products

H.E.A.R.T. Touch Therapy, Spirit Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Oracle Readings, Handcrafted Healing Art

Precious Fumnaya

Restorative Practioner

Precious Fumnaya is a healer with a background in social work, psychology, and creative & healing arts. Precious Fumnaya offers services as a restorative practitioner doing the following: Environmental Cleanse, Sound Therapy, Drama Therapy


Services and Products

Environmental Cleanse, Sound Therapy, Drama Therapy

Wonder Twin.jpg
Olorún Oshun

The Stoned Goddess

Olorun Oshun is a crystal jeweler, loctician, Spiritual Life Coach, Reiki I practitioner, sound and energy Healer. From a very young age Olorun  knew that her life’s purpose was to help others to heal. She discovered some time ago that she had an innate ability to comfort and console while holding a safe space for the hurt and vulnerable.  Olorun has been creative from the start and at the age of nine was sure of the power in her hands. Olorun has healed through many life circumstances and continues to remain devoted to her own healing journey as she assists others on their path as well. She shares from a lifetime of experiences which she uses to uplift and encourage others on their journey to healing and remembering.


Services and Products

Life Coach, Spiritual Bath, Sound Healing, Natural Hair Loctitian, Mobile Metaphysical Shop Owner, Sea Moss Alchemist, Pre-Roll Herbalist

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