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C.H.I. Services

Wholistic Wellness Support Consultations - Assistance with addressing known health concern(s) from a holistic and natural standpoint, incorporating lifestyle shifts, herbal and supplemental support.  In-person (local to DC metro area), phone, and online meeting options available by appointment.


Wholistic Wellness Assessments - An evaluation of one's state of health, to include multiple physical examinations plus a urine and saliva pH analysis.  An explanation of the results and a wholistic wellness support consultation follows the examination.  This is offered in-person only (local to the DC metro area) by appointment.


Meal Planning Support - This offers suggestions and support for those who are looking to change to healthier and plant-based eating habits, but who may not be sure what to eat, how to prepare foods well, or how to put good meals together in a practical way.  In-person (local to the DC metro area), phone, and online options available by appointment.

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