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30 Day Detox

Our 30 Day Detox Package offers wholistic services, products, and lifestyle suggestions to promote your physical and metaphysical toxin removal process, that will improve your overall well being.

30 Day Herbal Support Package

Supportive herbal tea(s)/powders/capsules and specific directions for how to use therapeutically for each package from Yew 360 and each package is catered to each individual needs


(value typically $100 - $200)


The "EMS" is a set of four 45 minute sessions of combined services from SOL Healing that addresses the health and wellness of your Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies.

Our "30 Day Detox" Package will include:

  • H.E.A.R.T. Touch Therapy (if local)

  • understanding how our Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual bodies work in conjunction with our physical body

  • causes of toxic build up in our emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies

  • lifestyle suggestions that supports Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual detox

  • Inspirational and motivational coaching 

  • 20% DISCOUNT on all S.O.L. Jewels


(regular price $165) 

Women's Holistic Health Consultations

From A Soulful Touch Wellness

$80 (regular price $100)

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