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New World Afrikan

Symbol Contest

The New World Afrikan Symbol Contest was birthed in October 2019 at IMANI Temple AACC in Suitland, MD, when Father Nana Melvin Deal shared his philosophy of the New World Afrikan.  A person of Afrikan descent who is born and raised in America and have adopted the mind of the colonizer only to realize the colonizer mind does not work for the Indigenous African henceforth dumping the colonizer mind to implement the Indigenous Afrikan mind.  As a result, Mama Elaine (Councilmember Elaine Williams for the Town of Capitol Heights, MD) was inspired to add a symbol that represent such a people to the Underground Railroad Quilt that she is assisting with the organizing and creating of.

So The New World Afrikan (NWA) Symbol Contest is a charge to all descendants of Afrikans born and raised in America who embrace the mind and philosophy of the Indigenous Afrikan to create a symbol which reflects such ideology.  The winner of the contest will be announced at the Kujichagulia Kwanzaa Celebration on December 27th between 6 and 9pm, at Greater Beulah Baptist Church, 6056 Central Ave, Capitol Heights, MD 20743, as well as have the symbol sewn into the Underground Railroad Quilt that is currently being sewn. All other entries will be considered for our New World Afrikan (NWA) Symbol Dictionary.  Last day for submission is 5pm, Saturday, December 21st.

Our vision is to partner with the African American Holiday Association for the creation of a New World Afrikan Holyday in 2020 of the Gregorian Calendar in which we celebrate our living of Indigenous Culture with our Indigenous Minds while living in America in these modern times.

Submit all symbols along with descriptions and inspiration as well as contact info to

Contest is free however there is a $5 suggested donation for the Kugichagulia event​

For moor Kugichagulia info visit

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